Dog Days of Summer

Don’t let your kids be bored! Keep summer fun and educational with our tips and suggestions.

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My 13-year-old daughter wants to hang out at the mall with her friends this summer. Should I let her without adult supervision?

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Parenting Through Crisis

When a crisis strikes, similar to the Malaysia Airlines plane crash, kids may be bombarded with a lot of messages from the media. As a parent, what can you do? Our guide to parenting through crisis provides answers to all of your questions and more.

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    A Guide to Parenting in the Digital Age

    A Guide to Parenting in the Digital Age

    The days of kids meeting their friends at the park and being back by dinner are a distant memory. Don’t let technology take over your family! We have tips to keep your kids safe in today’s digital world.

    Child Abuse Prevention

    Summer is Here!

    School is out for many kids, which means parents have a lot of new challenges to think about! Need tips for when your children say they’re bored? What about for those summer road trips? has you covered.

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