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​Separation or divorce is one of the most emotionally disruptive events a family can face. No one has all the answers, but Boys Town is here to support you on the parenting challenges that might come your way.

Basic Level Parent Education Classes

Our basic level course can be taken either in a live, interactive online format or in person. In Responsive Parenting, we will guide you through the process of developing a responsible and agreeable parenting plan that also meets the court's educational requirement. Each participant will receive a workbook, packets, skill cards and parenting activities to use with children going through a divorce. 

  • Both live online and in-person classes available
  • Cost $90
  • Work with a Boys Town professional

Register Today​

For more information about these services or how to register, call 531-355-1059.

Join other parents to learn how to provide your children with safe passage through the transition to a two-home family using our proven approach for changes in routines, schedules and parenting styles.

The above course is approved by the Nebraska State Court Administrators' Office and meets the requirements of the Parent Act, Ne. Rev. Stat. section 43-2928. They are approved for all counties in Nebraska, and meet the guidelines for parents who are divorcing, seeking custody, establishing paternity or modifying their decree.​