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Build your parenting skills each week with an interactive six-to-seven-week course. We teach easy-to-learn techniques to address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success. All courses feature a fun and intimate small class setting with an experienced Common Sense Parenting instructor.

The proactive skills and techniques have helped parents from diverse backgrounds create healthy family relationships that foster safety and well-being at home, in school and in the community.

This program has been proven by research and is based on the successful Boys Town Model® that focuses on delivering a consistent structure and lasting, positive results.

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*Not available in all areas​​


Toddlers and Preschoolers

This class meets once a week for two hours for seven weeks. The class covers the following:

  • How I Grow and Learn — Helps parents understand development, set expectations, and find different ways to nurture their children.
  • My First Teachers — Helps parents teach children right from wrong using clear communication and reasonable positive and negative consequences.
  • Catch Me Being Good — Helps parents observe and create more opportunities to encourage good behavior through praise, attention, and affection.
  • Teach Me What to Do — Helps parents learn effective ways to teach children better habits through practice.​
  • Help Me Do What's Right — Shows parents how to correct problem behaviors without a power struggle.
  • Help Me Calm Down — Teaches parents how to correct problem behaviors and give children the time and skills needed to calm down.
  • Putting It All Together — Helps parents develop a parenting style that will improve relationships with their children.

Children Ages 6-16

This class meets once a week for two hours for six weeks. The class covers the following:

  • Parents as Teachers — Shows parents how to teach children self-discipline.
  • Effective Praise — Helps parents encourage positive behaviors by responding enthusiastically and sincerely.
  • Preventive Teaching — Enables parents to teach children what they'll need to know in future situations, as well as practice using the skill.
  • Corrective Teaching — Responds to children's problem behaviors with teaching and practicing acceptable alternatives. Parents will be able to adhere to a staying-calm plan for when they become upset with their children.
  • Teaching Self-Control — Teaches a skill parents can use to allow children time to calm down and remain calm in future situations.
  • Putting It All Together — Helps parents develop a parenting style to improve relationships with their children.


The “Parenting Children Who Have ADHD” class gives parents a brief definition of ADHD; description of the medications and the developmental strengths and weaknesses of children who have ADHD. You will learn effective ways to set reasonable expectations for your child while developing workable family routines for your unique family concerns.

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We offer a series of​ weekly emails on a variety of topics, including potty training, success in school, and discipline. Each week, we’ll discuss a specific parenting issue and include a teaching activity and a relevant social skill.

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