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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It is Often Said That Parenting is the Toughest Job There Is

​​​​family.pngThankfully, it is also a job where parents can benefit from the experience of others — which is where Boys Town comes in.

The parenting experts at Boys Town have developed this email series to help you become a better parent and address common situations that often arise when raising children.

Each week, you’ll receive information and advice on a specific parenting principle, a teaching activity that you and your child can work on together, and a parenting strategy you can add to your parenting toolbox.

Here are some of the lessons we’ll cover:

  • How to give effective praise
  • How to protect your children by teaching them how to protect themselves
  • How to prepare your children for real-life situations
  • How to set boundaries and expectations
  • The keys to good communication

Get your first lesson today by telling us where we can send it.​