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getting along with others

Getting Along with ​​others

  1. Listen
  2. Say something positive
  3. Show interest

following Instructions

Following Instructions

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Say, “Okay”.
  3. Do what you’ve been asked right away.
  4. Check back.
Accepting Criticism

Accepting Criticism

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Stay calm and quiet.
  3. Say, “Okay”.
  4. Try to correct the problem. If you are asked to do something differently, do it. If you are asked to stop doing something, stop it.

Asking Permission

Asking Permission

  1. Look at the other person.
  2. Be specific when you ask permission.
  3. Be sure to ask rather than demand.
  4. Give reasons if necessary.
  5. Accept the decision.

Showing Respect

Showing respect

  1. Obey a request to stop negative behavior.
  2. Refrain from teasing, threatening or making fun of others.
  3. Allow others to have their privacy.
  4. Obtain permission before using another     person’s property.
  5. Do not damage or vandalize public property.
  6. Refrain from conning or persuading others into breaking rules.
  7. Avoid acting obnoxiously in public.
  8. Dress appropriately when in public.