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​​​​​Learn how to handle tantrums at every age.​

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girl-glasses-puckering-lipsEvery parent is familiar with a child who tantrums periodically either from experiences with their own child or other's children. Tantrums are behavioral meltdowns or extreme behaviors usually associated with strong emotions. This extremity of behavior either in intensity, duration or frequency is why tantrums are so troublesome for some parents.


It is natural to worry that strong or frequent tantrums will either harm a child or are a sign of a serious and worsening emotional disorder. That worry is neither supported by research nor experience. Tantrums are merely one of the obstacles to negotiating in parenting.

In this new eBook, Dr. Dan Daly helps parents and caretakers develop a balanced view of what tantrums are, how to prevent them, and what to do when they occur. He describes several different tantrums across different ages that serve as examples to use with the ​​​7 Principles that help prevent and deal with tantrums at any age.

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