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Accepting Compliments

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​Whenever someone says something nice to you, you should:

  1. Look at the other person.
  2. Listen to what he or she is saying.
  3. Don't interrupt.
  4. Say "Thanks," or something that shows you appreciate what was said.

Reasons for using the skill, Accepting Compliments: Being able to accept compliments shows that you can politely receive another person's positive opinion about something you have done. It also increases the chances that you will receive future compliments.

When you receive a compliment, be sure to sincerely thank the person who gave it to you. Brushing off, rejecting or ignoring the compliment makes the other person feel uncomfortable and less likely to compliment you again.

People give compliments for a variety of reasons. Don't waste a lot of time wondering why someone gave you a compliment. Just appreciate the fact that someone took the time to say something nice to you!