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Are You Helping or Hurting Your Teen's School Work?

All parents want their children to do well in school. This is especially true during high school, when families are starting to examine college requirements and students are applying for scholarships. Sometimes, however, even a well-meaning parent can get in the way of his or her teen's success.

Here's a quick quiz that can help determine whether you are helping or hurting your teen's quest for success in school:

  1. If my teen is not doing well in a subject I had problems with when I was in school, do I tell him or her it "runs in the family"?
  2. Do I let my teen put off or skip homework assignments?
  3. Do I think my son or daughter should never make mistakes on schoolwork?
  4. Have I ever done my teen's homework so he or she doesn't have to suffer the consequences for not completing it?
  5. If my teen has a problem with a teacher, do I automatically take my teen's side?

How did you do?

Each "Yes" answer to these questions might indicate an area where you are standing in the way of your child's achievement in school.  Reflect on things you are doing now regarding your teen's schoolwork.  Think about small changes you can make that will help rather than hinder your teen's academic success. Then follow through so your teen has every opportunity to achieve his or her academic goals and get the most out of these learning years.