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Are You Listening?

How often do you and your child really listen to each other? Focus on these steps to improve communication between you and your tween.

  1. The first step is to limit your words. Anything you say should be limited to simple one or two words.
  2. Be comfortable with silence. Silence can make many of us uncomfortable, but if we can learn to be comfortable with this step, we can gain some new and helpful information.
  3. Listen non-judgmentally. Try to open yourself up to feel as your child does without showing any anger or frustration.
  4. Make short statements of empathy and understanding. This will show that you are genuinely concerned and care about what your child is saying,
  5. Be aware of both your nonverbal cues. Tweens are very aware of body language. Be aware of negative messages that you may be sending without meaning to.
  6. Resist external distractions. We are all very busy, but when you are listening to your tween, make a concerted effort to resist anything that may be a distraction.

By following these simple steps, you will surely be on the right track to better communication with your tween.