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Back-to-School Checklist

Prepare your kids for the new school year with our 'Definite Dozen' Back-to-School Checklist!
Download and print our expanded list with fun activities to get your kids hyped about the new school year, brought to you by the parenting experts at Boys Town.


  1. Go Rah! Rah! for School
    Rather than letting your kids go into a funk over going back to school, start talking about the fun, exciting activities and opportunities they will have in a new grade.
  2. Shop till You Drop
    Let your kids compile their back-to-school shopping list and then hit the stores together.
  3. Put School Bedtime Issues to Rest
    Re-establish a school-year bedtime routine for your child that ensures that he or she gets the recommended amount of sleep.
  4. Celebrate the First-Day-of-School Eve
    The night before schools starts, have a party to bid farewell to summer and welcome the new school year.
  5. Make Your Child a Morning Person
    Putting an emphasis on being active in the morning as the summer winds down will help your child get ready for what happens during a school day.
  6. Let Learning Continue All Summer
    Keep your child's thinking skills sharp by providing numerous learning opportunities all summer.
  7. Return to the Routine
    Having a routine lets kids know what is expected of them and puts everyone on the same page when it comes to your family's schedule during the school year.
  8. Help Your Child Be a Goal-Setter Go-Getter
    Helping kids set individual school goals allows them to "stretch" themselves, have new and different experiences, and perhaps find something for which they have a real passion.
  9. Brush Up on School Behaviors
    Go over behaviors like following instructions, getting the teacher's attention appropriately, waiting for a turn, getting along with others, working quietly during study time, and others with your child so he or she can be ready to use them when the school bell rings.
  10. Set the Stage for a Healthy School Year
    Ensure your child is in good physical and mental health by scheduling doctor, dental, hearing, and eye appointments well before school starts, and make sure your child's immunizations are up-to-date.
  11. Touch Base with Teachers
    At the start of the school year, contact your child's teachers, get acquainted with them, and let them know you want to be actively involved in helping your student learn and grow.
  12. Think Positive, Be Positive!
    If you are anxious and worried about school, your child will pick up on that, so model confidence, excitement, and optimism as the school year approaches and begins.