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Bad Friendships

​​​This information is included in our Guide to Teenage Dating. Click here to see the rest of the guide.

At one time or another, most teens find themselves in a bad friendship. Maybe the actions or words of a so-called friend make your teen uncomfortable or embarrassed. If you're concerned your child may get involved in an unhealthy relationship, share with him or her some of the warning signs.

Here are things your teen should watch out for:

  • You can't be yourself without getting criticism from your "friend."
  • Your "friend" doesn't give you any space.
  • Your "friend" is pushy, wanting everything his or her own way.
  • Your "friend" is overly critical of you and others.
  • Your "friend" is jealous of you and other friends.
  • Your "friend" may lie to you, teachers or parents.
  • You feel that your "friend" directs "put-downs" toward you and others.
  • Your "friend" does not treat you as an equal.

The following book from Boys Town were written specifically for teens. It offers solid advice on everything from friendships to teenage dating relationships:

A Good Friend  -  Offers easy-to-follow "people" skills, including how to get along with others, as well as concrete steps for overcoming shyness. Excellent for pre-teens.