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Creating a School Presence

Have you ever considered volunteering in your child's classroom? The "Tween Years" may be your last opportunity to do so without your child disowning you or being horribly embarrassed by your presence!

Most schools offer many ways for parents to help out, and you'll probably have the option of making a monthly, weekly or one-time commitment. Volunteering in your child's classroom is a positive way to spend more time with your son or daughter, and lets the teacher (and school leadership) know you're interested in what's going on inside the classroom. By volunteering at school, you also are modeling for your child the positive behavior of doing community service.

The following volunteer suggestions are from Dr. Kenneth Shore and the website:

  • Serve as a room parent
  • Tutor students in the classroom
  • Read stories to the students
  • Assist at a class party
  • Speak to your child's class or school on a topic of student interest
  • Start an after-school computer club
  • Supervise children in an after-school recreation program
  • Prepare school bulletin boards
  • Serve as an aide on a school bus
  • Photograph students at school activities
  • Work as a clerical aide (grade papers, for example)
  • Work as an aide in the library, main office, cafeteria or playground
  • Develop or work at a homework hotline
  • Organize teacher appreciation activities
  • Prepare food for an ethnic festival
  • Help write a school newsletter
  • Help run the book or science fair
  • Arrange assembly programs
  • Develop and help run a "guardian angel" program where parents are called if their child doesn't show up for school and the parents have not notified the school of the absence
  • Develop a list of community resources for parents and children
  • Recruit other parents as school volunteers
  • Help construct a playground
  • Donate plants, books, carpeting or other necessities
  • Help plant trees