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Good Communication Helps Children Succeed In School

During the school year, children spend half of their waking hours in class or involved in school-related activities. And while it's obviously important for students to invest time in their education, it's equally important that parents get involved, too. In fact, studies show that children do better in school when their parents are active participants in their education.

One of the best ways to be part of your child's academic life is to frequently and effectively  communicate with your child's school. It's easy to do if you follow these parenting guidelines:

  • Talk to teachers and other staff members when things are going well for your child, not just when there is a problem. Offer compliments to teachers during conversations or through notes and phone calls.
  • Use school notes to teachers to stay on top of your child's academic progress and behavior in class.
  • Address problems as they arise. Share your concerns immediately, while an issue is still small and manageable. Ask your child's teacher how things are going often, and if there is a problem, find out what you can do to improve the situation or behavior.
  • When you need information, prepare ahead of time by writing down questions you would like answered. This is especially important when you will be attending parent-teacher conferences or other activities that involve your child's teachers.
  • Volunteer your time to support school activities. Join the local PTA, help with a book fair, chaperone or help plan a school-sponsored dance or party, and find other ways to be part of your child's world.