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Help Your Child Love to Learn

Teen with stack of homework

School can be arduous for children who don't show an interest in learning. Some children are naturally more inquisitive and self-motivated than others. If your child doesn't have the desire to do well in school, you have the privilege and responsibility as a parent to help him or her develop a genuine love for learning. A simple, three-step process can help.

Step #1 - Discover
Ask your child what he likes to do. When he's not in school and no family activities are scheduled, how does he choose to spend his time? Does he have an interest in sports, nature, history, politics or the community? The first step in motivating your child to enjoy learning is to find out what he enjoys. 

Step #2 - Motivate
After identifying your child's interests, use them to motivate him to finish his schoolwork. When he does, reward him with opportunities to engage in the things he enjoys. When he doesn't, withhold fun activities until he does complete his schoolwork. 

Step #3 - Balance
Balance is just as important in a child's life as it is an adult's. Help your child find balance through spending free time with both family and friends. Alone time is valuable but too much of it can be a problem. Keep TVs, computers and electronic devices in the common areas of your home and limit and monitor your child's use of them.  

We all have God-given talents - things we enjoy that come naturally to us. They interest us and we are good at them. Help your child develop those talents and connect with others who have similar interests. ‚Äč