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Help Your Tween Have a Successful School Year

Ensuring that your tween enjoys a productive school year requires more than just writing checks for school supplies and buying new clothes. Above all, it requires your active participation.

Here are four easy-to-follow steps for improving your middle or junior high school student's school experience:

  • Connect with key school staff so you can stay on top of your child's progress. Find out who your child's teachers are and identify other school personnel you need to know. Introduce yourself and tell them who your child is. Encourage them to contact you about your child's academic successes and behavior, good or bad.
  • Monitor your child's homework and exams. Establish clear expectations for your child for completing homework (e.g., assignments must be done before watching TV) and studying for quizzes and tests (study ahead of time, no "cramming" the night before a test).
  • Get involved at your child's school. Volunteer to help in your child's classroom or with class activities (e.g., field trips, holiday celebrations). Consider joining the PTA or sports booster clubs.
  • Support and advocate for your child throughout the school year. This means attending all parent-teacher conferences, making time to go to music, drama or sports events, and working collaboratively with teachers and administrators to resolve problems with the best interests of your student in mind.

Have a great school year!