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How Do I Get My Teenager More Engaged in His Schoolwork?

It often seems that teenagers simply don't care about school at all, that they'd much rather play video games or hang out with friends. This is because it's difficult for the adolescent brain to fathom consequences that are five minutes away, let alone five, ten or fifteen years down the road. So the idea of schoolwork and its importance to their future success is abstract at best. Unfortunately, this way of thinking relegates schoolwork to the back burner of a teenager's brain.

One way to help your teen become more focused on schoolwork is to talk to him, his teachers or counselors, or his friends to find out what he's interested in. Once you find a subject he's excited about, find an adult who works in that area and ask if he or she will serve as a mentor for your child.

For example, maybe your teen is interested in cars or motorcycles. Find a mechanic or a designer who works in the automotive industry. These people can tell your teen the importance of studying various subjects like engineering and math, subjects they studied in high school and college so they could be successful in their careers.

Maybe video games are what make your teen tick. Have him talk to a game designer who can describe how art, computer skills and English classes played an important role in his or her ability to succeed in that field.

Once your teen makes the connection between doing well in his schoolwork and pursuing a fun, interesting career, he will be more likely to focus in on his studies.