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Instilling Values

An important aspect of building a strong family is teaching values to your children. Children with strong character are more capable of resisting negative influences. Here are just a few ideas to help you foster positive values in your teen:

  • Provide a spiritual foundation by participating in religious events with your teen and modeling behavior consistent with your spirituality.
  • Encourage your teen to volunteer for community service projects. This will help him or her develop a sense of obligation to the world.
  • Set an example of respect and kindness at home. If you and your spouse are considerate and polite to each other and your kids, they will be more likely to treat others the same.
  • Share emotional times. Be open to your teen's feelings and share your own feelings with them.
  • Show respect for those in authority, including teachers and police officers.
  • Help your teenager to get along with others, follow instructions and accept criticism.
  • Place limits on your teen and have positive expectations for his or her behavior.

Providing teens with a positive value system will help them grow into better people and can lead them to happier, more fulfilling relationships with others.

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