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Parents Find Staying Calm Is Key to Curbing Kid's Poor Behavior

For many parents, staying calm is the biggest challenge they face when dealing with their children's problem behaviors. Losing control of your anger may temporarily improve your children's behavior; however, it also shows them that it's acceptable to yell, hit, or throw things when they are upset.

There are many things you can do to prepare for the next time your child acts up:

  • Practice positive thinking by interrupting any negative thoughts you may have.
  • Don't take what your child says personally.
  • Don't blurt out an angry response. Instead, take five minutes to think about what has happened.
  • Focus on your child's actual behavior instead of what you think are the reasons for your child's behavior.
  • If you get angry and say or do something you regret, be sure to tell your child you are sorry.

These tips won't prevent you from feeling angry; however, they will provide you with help in curbing angry responses to your children's behaviors.