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Showing Sensitivity to Others

Young girls walking hand in hand
  1. ‚ÄčExpress interest and concern for others, especially when they are having troubles.
  2. Recognize that disabled people deserve the same respect as anyone else.
  3. Apologize or make amends for hurting someone's feelings or causing harm.
  4. Recognize that people of different races, religions, and backgrounds deserve to be treated the same way as you would expect to be treated.

Reasons for using the skill, Showing Sensitivity to Others: If you help others, they are more likely to help you. And saying you're sorry shows that you can take responsibility for your actions and can admit when you've done something wrong. A disability does not make a person inferior. Helping people with disabilities and treating everyone equally shows that you believe that although people are different, they all deserve respect.

If you see someone in trouble, ask if you can help.

Sometimes, just showing you care is enough to help a person get through a difficult time.

Be ready to help a disabled person when necessary by doing such things as holding open a door, carrying a package or giving up your seat.

Don't stare at disabled people or make comments about their special needs.

You can harm someone by what you fail to do, just as easily as by what you do. Some examples are breaking a promise or not sticking up for someone who is being picked on. If you hurt someone, apologize immediately and sincerely.

Don't make jokes or rude comments about the color of someone's skin or what he or she believes.