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Top 5 Strategies for Managing Children's Behavior in Public

Planning ahead is essential to encouraging good behavior. Below are 5 ways to successfully manage kids' good behavior in public:

  1. Start small with shorts trips to the grocery or convenience store. Practice having your child stay by your side and slowly lengthen your trips. 
  2. Plan ahead. Make sure your child is fed and has made a trip to the bathroom before leaving the house. Bring items to entertain your child as you wait or shop. 
  3. Practice behaviors you want to see in public at home. Praise your child for following the rules and for good listening. 
  4. Set your child up for success. Make sure the environment is appropriate for your child. A formal sit-down is not the right environment for a toddler. 
  5. Be patient. It will take time for your child to learn how to behave in new places. The key is to slowly shape and reinforce good behavior.

These strategies incorporate those teachings and can be used for effective parenting in the home. "Instead of avoiding social situations, seek them out. However, do it on your terms and in short time spans," says Dr. Thomas Reimers, Director of Boys Town's Behavior Health Clinic. "By controlling when you go out and for how long, you can set your child up for success."