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Top 5 Strategies for Winning On and Off the Field

Youth sports team in a huddle

​​​This information is included in our Guide to Youth Sports. Click here to see the rest of the guide.

Here are five top tips for helping students learn the process and steps necessary to be successful both on and off the playing field.

  1. Brainstorm and create a list that spells out all expectations, rules and positive and negative consequences for the classroom and extra-curricular activities. 
  2. Set goals for your child to achieve both in school and in sports to help them stay focused 
  3. Be a role model, help them practice and learn, but set boundaries. You don't have to be a buddy - you're in charge. 
  4. Build confidence and teach life skills along the way. Teach character: trustworthiness, respect, caring, citizenship, fairness and responsibility. 
  5. Praise and compliment. When you use lots of praise and reinforcement, kids are much more likely to respond to feedback. Praise first, then correct.