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Top 5 Strategies to Survive your High School Senior


​​It can get more challenging for your high school senior as he or she starts preparing to "launch" into college or the working world. Keep these parenting tips in mind when you notice senioritis tak​ing hold of your child:

  1. Set mutual expectations by talking with your senior about curfew, jobs, academics, graduation celebrations and activities, and plans for post high school.
  2. Allow extra freedom whenever possible to help with the transition into independence.
  3. Remind brothers and sisters that their time will come as sibling rivalry tends to increase at this time.
  4. Prepare a graduation checklist and contact your child's school so you know what is needed for commencement.  
  5. Enjoy your senior and take every opportunity to say "I love you" and "I'm proud of you."

"If you set some mutual expectations and attend to the graduation details, you and your senior can reduce conflict," said Laura Buddenberg, Boys Town Training Manager. "This is an opportunity when you should make the most of this special time together with your senior."