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Ways to Nurture Your Child

One of the most important qualities of good parenting is nurturing your child. Nurturing means showing your children they are loved and accepted so that they can grow and develop. One way to nurture your child is to begin giving them responsibilities within the family that are appropriate for their age and will provide them with a sense of accomplishment and pride. It will require some time, patience and perseverance but will set the stage for developing your child's character and responsibility.

Some appropriate chores for toddlers include:

  • Clean up spills
  • Pick up toys 
  • Wipe off part of the table after a meal 
  • Set plates, utensils, cups on the table (if they are unbreakable items) 
  • Match socks 
  • Put clothing in the hamper 
  • Pour dry cereal 
  • Stir batter 
  • Shut off TV or lights 
  • Put folded clothes in a drawer 
  • Hold the door for others 
  • Carry small, unbreakable items from the car

Remember to praise your child when he/she accomplishes a task and tell them how responsible they are by doing the chores. This will help them to begin to understand responsibility and see that they have a role in the family that is helpful and meaningful.