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Youth Activities

Day 35: Relaxation Activities for Kids

April 23, 2020     By Daily Dose

Mental Health, Self-Calming Tools, Stress

​​​April is Stress Awareness Month. Fitting, right? Change is never easy and is one of the main contributors to increased stress for adults and kids. Major changes in our lives have happened overnight with routines being completely wiped out and new ones having to be developed on the fly with adaptations happening daily. With school now held at home, concerns about health and safety, worries about financial issues, the need to continue with social distancing, and many other concerns, the ability to destress and keep a positive mindset is more important than ever – for both adults and kids. Below is a free download of a collection of relaxation activities for all ages, K-adult. Regular use of these relaxation techniques provides much-needed relief for both you and your children and teaches them skills to positively deal with stress now and in the future.

Positive Mental Health Tip: Make sleep a mental health priority

Sleep is a must for good mental health. We all have those restless nights when sleep doesn't come easy or when we wake up and can't get back to sleep, especially now. When this happens, our mood and thinking can get frazzled and our ability to perform the following day is much more difficult. A good night's sleep is a boon to our mental and physical health along with our ability to positively deal with whatever life throws at us. Here is a free download to help you learn more about the benefits of making sleep a mental health priority. 

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