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 Praise can be a powerful tool in changing negative behaviors into positive ones. We are asking parents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone involved in the life of a child to help build up the praise for our kids.

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Teaching Love with Praise-lets

​Children want and need the attention of their parents, and they will do anything to get it. Praise is the positive attention and approval children crave from parents.

Q&A on Praise at Every Age

Parents who want to increase or encourage desirable behavior can use many different positive consequences or rewards as recognition.

Job Cards and Joy Cards

Children learn that life is full of choices and that their choices have an outcome. When you give effective consequences, your child learns behaviors that will lead to​ success.

Praising Teenagers

I’m very much an advocate of praising kids, including teenagers, in a positive-negative ratio of at least four positives to every one negative. For some, this may sound a bit lofty but it is very realistic if adults truly pay attention to behavior...

Accentuate the Positive: Using Praise to Change Children’s Negative Behavior

​The following ​is a Q&A with Boys Town Behavioral expert, Dr. Patricia Gisbert, on some of the most common questions parents have about using ...

Parenting Tools for Home

Our parenting content is built on the research-proven Boys Town Model® and is written by a team of child behavior experts.


We are launching a new movement. Well, it's not a movement yet, but with your help maybe it can be. 

Let's focus on what others are doing RIGHT. Together we can transform the social conversation into one that is positive and helpful. 

It's simple:

  1. If you are on social media, tag someone in a post. It can be someone you know or someone you don’t know. 
  2. Praise them for something you appreciate about them or something good you see them doing. 
  3. Ask them to #PraiseItOn (be sure to include the hashtag). 
  4. Repeat this process five times, or as many times as you’d like, so we can get this to catch on and spread.

Together, we CAN change the online and personal environments we live in. It can start today with just a little positive praise. #PraiseItOn


Start a “Kindness Conversation” in your family today! We’ve put together this special eBook, Teaching Kindness at Home, that you can use at home to encourage and reinforce healthy values like tolerance, forgiveness, generosity and compassion. Teaching children how to be kind and respectful will help them grow into better people and can lead them to happier, more fulfilling relationships with others. So get the conversation started!



Does your child know what it means to have self-compassion? It’s a concept that often gets confused with self-esteem. Self-compassion is having the ability to treat yourself like you would treat a best friend. It’s understanding that a bad choice doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s taking the Golden Rule and using it on yourself. That may sound simple enough, but it’s never easy to be self-forgiving or resilient when times are tough and failure knocks you down. Fortunately, just as you can teach children to be kind to others, you can empower them to be kind to themselves. A great place to start is by sharing these self-help tools.

Our guides contain preselected content that is popular among our readers, but if you don't see what you are looking for, see all our Praise content.