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 The school year can be tough for any parent. Here are some tips to help you keep up with the ever-growing list of to-dos.

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Refusing to Do Homework

Our son refuses to do his homework. We've tried sending him to a teacher after school to get help/tutoring. Any suggestions?

What Teachers Wish Parents Would Do at Home

When parents and teachers work together to achieve the same goal—the education of the student—success is much easier to achieve.

How to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework

Parents can help children be more successful in school by taking an active interest in homework and being supportive of study time.

Trouble Staying on Task and Listening

My five-year-old son is in kindergarten and having trouble with staying on task and listening to his teachers. Do you have any suggestions about what we can do as a family?

How Do You Get Your Child Moving on School Mornings?

Watch this Quick Tips video from Boys Town parenting expert Kristen Galloway about how to set routines to help your child get ready for school in the morning.

Help Your Child Love to Learn

If your child doesn’t have the desire to do well in school, then you have the privilege and responsibility as a parent to help them develop a genuine love for learning.

When Your Child Needs a Tutor

Are you frustrated because your child is struggling with a school subject despite your best efforts to help? If your child needs more help than you can provide, consider hiring a tutor.

My Child Has No Friends

It's no wonder why many parents worry about their children's friendships and ability to make new friends. No one wants their child to feel lonely or like an outcast.

Parenting Tools for Home

Our parenting content is built on the research-proven Boys Town Model® and is written by a team of child behavior experts.

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