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 The definition of "family" extends beyond what was once considered "traditional," to include divorce, co-parenting and reversed roles.

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Stay Safe and Healthy this Halloween!

Embrace the Spirit of the Holiday Season and Be Joyful

As Christmastime draws near, my thoughts go back to a young man who came to Boys Town during his senior year of high school. Ben was his name, and he was none too happy to be here.

How to Give Clear Instructions to Children

Does getting your child to do something feel like an impossible task? One of the reasons may be the way you’re giving an instruction.

Disrespectful Daughter after Divorce

Job Cards and Joy Cards

Children learn that life is full of choices and that their choices have an outcome. When you give effective consequences, your child learns behaviors that will lead to​ success.

How to Get Your Children to Do Their Homework

Parents can help children be more successful in school by taking an active interest in homework and being supportive of study time.

What Is the Best Way to Break the News of a Divorce to Children?

Whenever you are talking to children about any crisis situation you should do it with care. Encourage them to ask questions, and answer them openly and honestly.

How Do I Teach My Children to Respect Each Other?

Kids are becoming increasingly sensitive to bullying in school. Teach your kids anti-bullying rules they can apply at home.

Missing Daddy While He’s Away in the Military

My husband is in the military, and I’m worried that he will miss so many firsts with our children. What can I do to make his being away easier for him and our children?

Single Parenting: Explaining the "New Normal" to Kids After Divorce

When you become a single parent, your children will have to take on new responsibilities to help out. It's a good idea to hold a family meeting to discuss these new responsibilities and tasks.

Teach Your Grandkids: It’s All in the Ask

Your grandkids won't always ask for things or permission the way they're supposed to. Then, when you correct the behavior, they're not always sure how to apologize.

Quality Time with Kids After Divorce

Divorce can throw family routines into chaos. Things children used to take for granted, such as getting tucked into bed by both parents each night, are no longer regular occurrences.

Parenting Tools for Home

Our parenting content is built on the research-proven Boys Town Model® and is written by a team of child behavior experts.

It is often said that parenting is the toughest job there is.

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