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Dr. Pat Friman

  • ​​​​​​Parenting ​Expert
Dr. Patrick C. Friman

​​​​​​​​Dr. Patrick C. ​​F​riman received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. He is the current Vice ​President of ​Outpatient Behavioral Health Services and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Nebraska School of Medicine.

He was formerly on the faculties of Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, and Creighton Schools of Medicine. He was also formerly the Director of the Clinical Psychology Program at University of Nevada as well as the Associate Chairman of the Department of Psychology.

Dr. Friman is the former Editor of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and former President of the Association for Behavior Analysis International. He is also on the editorial boards of eight peer reviewed journals. He has published more than 180 scientific articles and chapters and three books.

The primary focus of his scientific and clinical work in is in the area of Behavioral Pediatrics and Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Friman's work in behavioral pediatrics has concentrated on the gap between primary medical care for ​children on one side, and referral-based clinical child psychological and psychiatric care, on the other.

He also specializes in consultation regarding workplace issues such as motivation, dealing with difficult people, change, and pathways to success. As an example of the impact of his work, following a publication on child sleep problems, the American Medical Association ​invited him to headline a press conference in New York City where he was presented to the press by the Surgeon General of the United States.

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