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Dr. Tom Reimers

  • Toddler​ Behavior
  • Toddler Development
  • Defiance
Dr. Reimers

​​​​​​​​What Every Parent Needs to Know, From Potty ​Training to Bad Bedtime Behavior

Toddlers ​and preschoolers are unpredictable, and their antics often keep parents guessing: Why does my two-year-old keep biting her sister? Why can't my three-year-old stay in his bed? Why must I repeat myself every time I tell my daughter to do something?

The challenging behaviors of young children can drive ​even the most patient parents to their wits' end. ​Dr. Reimers helps parents learn how to cope with and correct many of the most common behavioral problems.

Dr. Reimers examines a specific problem, from the mildly irritating to the downright maddening, and describes practical strategies to rein in, correct and prevent it to create a more rewarding and enriching family life.

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Toddler Meltdowns

Sibling Rivalry

Getting Your Child To Listen

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Hear tips dir​ect from the author on potty training, tantrums, diet, the importance of ​structure and more.

​See What Others are Saying — Help! There's a Toddler in the House!

"This is a really terrific, must have, book. The strategies are so easy to understand and implement. Dr. Reimers' common sense treatment approaches are invaluable tools for parents and a wonderful reference for professionals."

Gina Richman, Ph.D.
Director, Child and Family ​Therapy Clinic, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"This chapter did an amazing job at making sure I felt valued and important as a mother, but then gave encouraging ideas and ways of dealing with my child… It's an excellent book and will help you remain calm in tough situations. I would definitely recommend it if you are raising a toddler!"

Krista, The IE Mommy
Read the full book review on Krista's blog

"Toddlers. Let's see how I can put this… they are such great teachers! Refusing to eat at mealtime, throwing tantrums, ignoring instructions, fighting with siblings, and refusing to sleep at bedtime; these little people push every single button we have, showing us where we are resisting and what we seriously need to let go of. Dr. Reimers knows what we are going through. No… he hasn't been peeking through our windows (it will seem like he has because he's so spot on!). These behaviors of our beloved toddlers are pretty universal. At MMN, we love, Help! There's a Toddler in the House because it gives us practical and proven strategies to help us not only survive, but thrive through the "mischief, mayhem and meltdowns" (oh, my!) of our 2-6 year olds.

What I appreciated most about this book was that every situation Dr. Reimers detailed, I could relate to, and every strategy he provided, I could apply the very same day. One of my personal favorites comes from Chapter 3: Don't Have a Fit, It's Just a Tantrum. I knew that tantrums were a result of felt frustration, but what I didn't know was that different types of frustrations require different types of responses! I love Dr. Reimers's advice on this topic; remember ITCH. ITCH is an acronym that will help you remember different interventions to use when your child is frustrated-- I: ignore (love that one), T: teach, C: communicate, and H: help.

Every chapter examines very specific and relatable problems you are having with your toddler: getting your child to listen without shouting or begging, let's get this potty started, the necessary ingredients for a happy and healthy eater, managing your child's behavior in public, siblings are forever, the ABC's for getting ZZZZZ's, and time-outs, and every chapter gives you practical strategies to correct and prevent specific behaviors. This is one of those "must have" resource books for every mama with a toddler at home.

As a mindful mama, I strive to be a conscious parent. I want to be aware of how my emotions and actions impact my girls. Help! There's a Toddler in the House is an awesome resource of effective strategies that help me consciously and calmly respond to both the mildly irritating and the extremely maddening moments of toddlerhood."

Jen, Mindful Moms Network