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14-Month-Old Will Not Eat


My 14-month-old baby will not eat food. At meal time, she is not herself. She can’t seem to concentrate on eating. I have sought the advice of a dietician, but it is not ​working.



Sometimes children have difficultly eating. ​This can result from a variety of reasons, including teething, after a growth spurt, an illness, etc.

It could be that your child’s feeding schedule needs to be adjusted. If your child is taking formula, for example, try feeding him/her a small amount (two ounces) every hour or two. That way, your baby is still getting nutrients and won’t get dehydrated, but she isn’t being given a large amount of liquid to fill him/her up either. You can also offer a spoon full of rice cereal a few times while he/she drinks her formula. 

Usually, the decreased appetite will only last one to three days. However, if the situation does not change and your baby does not resume normal eating habits, take him/her to your pediatrician. There could be something medically related going on. Your pediatrician can also offer further tips to help your child eat. 

Keep an eye on your child’s temperature to rule out a possible illness. This isn’t your fault. Most likely it is part of your child’s developmental process, and it will hopefully work itself out.