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Are 4-year-old boys ready for soccer?


I have signed my 4-year-old twin boys up for soccer, and the season is not going well. One son pushes his teammates and does not listen to his coach. When my other son decides that he has had enough, he sits on the sidelines and goofs off. I think they might be too young for organized sports, but it is too late now. Do you have any suggestions for getting through the rest of the season?



Sports are good for children your sons’ age for many reasons beyond learning the fundamentals. They learn social skills like listening to their coach, following instructions, getting along with teammates, dealing with disappointment and in your case, boredom and staying on-task. 

Yes, this situation is frustrating for you ​and your children. But it is best to finish out the season because it sends the message that we finish what we start. Quitting before we’ve given it a chance is not a good habit.  

Soccer may not be their sport, but they can still learn valuable life skills by remaining on the team. Next season, you can try a different sport or activity. For now, encourage your sons to participate and praise them when they do. Practice their newly learned skills with them at home. Once they see how fun it is and how important their parents think it is, hopefully their interest will increase. Talk to their coach for suggestions on additional ways to encourage your sons from the sidelines.