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Building Social Skills in ADHD Son


My 10-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6. He is constantly crying and stealing things from school. He does not take responsibility for his actions when he is in the wrong. Is this a symptom of ADHD? We have been to counselors and have changed his medication, but nothing seems to help.



Daily skills that are easy for us are not always easy for people who have ADHD. This frustration often leads to higher emotions (crying) and impulsive decisions. That being said, stealing itself is not a ​specific behavior typically associated with mental health disorders. What you will need to focus on during treatment is impulsive behavior and poor decision-making skills.

ADHD is something that requires constant intervention. This involves using different parenting styles to break down instructions and tasks, counseling to teach him additional social skills and extra support and attention at school to help him be successful. It is important that these interventions remain in place until he is able to manage independently. Understand that there will be struggles, which are frustrating for him as well.

If you feel like your son is not “clicking” with his counselor, it is appropriate to find a new one. Once you find a counselor who works well with your son’s needs and personality, you might notice improved behavior and skills. He must feel comfortable with his counselor before change will occur.