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Child leaves house after grounding


What do you do when your child leaves the house while he is grounded?



It is important to be consistent and follow through on consequences. But it is also important not to engage in power struggles in order to do this. Remind yourself that the consequence is not going away, but is just being “put on hold” while larger issues, such as getting your child back in control, are being addressed.

If your ​child is leaving home without permission, it is best to call the police and ask for assistance. The police are there to enforce the rules that pertain to people’s safety. Not knowing where your child is presents a safety concern. Any time that your child leaves your home without permission means that she is a runaway.  

Yes, it is scary to call the police on your own child. But it is even scarier not knowing where she is or what she is doing. It is best to nip this dangerous behavior in the bud before it escalates into an even larger safety concern.