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Considering Military School for Unruly Daughters


I am having issues with my six- and eight-year-old daughters. We have tried every punishment in the book and always stick with it, but they just don't care. We don’t take them out in public because we are embarrassed by their behavior. We don’t give them everything because we cannot afford to. We try to reward good behavior, but that only lasts for a few hours. I am thinking about military school.



Thank you for contacting us. We receive messages and calls every day from parents like you who are looking for ways to help their children.

Children at this age are learning how to be more independent and to feel they’re in control of the house. Because of this, they constantly test limits set by parents and other authority figures. Parenting is a tough job, but you can regain your authority, help your daughters turn their negative behaviors into positive actions and feel like you can take them in public again.

Discipline is very important, but it is also ​just as important to praise children. For every one negative consequence, give your daughters four praises. Try catching them being good. That can be pretty difficult when it seems as if all they do is seek negative attention. Try spending 15 minutes a day with each of them alone; let them choose what you do during that time and be sure to praise, laugh and smile with them.
The school that your daughters attend can also be a resource for you. Every school district has counselors. Request that they come and observe your daughters in the classroom, conduct an evaluation and also inquire about their in-home services. You might be able to get some help when the girls are at home. If you'd like more advice about this situation or anything else, call us 24/7 at 1-800-448-3000.