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Daughter being bullied


My daughter is being bullied and refuses to tell the dean at her school out of fear of it getting worse. She is convinced that changing schools is the answer.  This, however, is not an option. What do I do?



As you stated, changing schools is not an option. It won’t be an option for her to change things that are equally important later in life. It will take strength and courage, but she will have to face this. 

When you met with the dean, was it clearly stated that if there is any retaliation at all, big or small, that it must be reported and further consequences will be endured by the bullies? Your daughter must believe that this will happen, so hopefully this information is being delivered in a firm and believable manner.  

She needs examples of what retaliation looks and sounds like. It can be in both written and verbal forms. It may be a look or body language such as others walking away or not talking anymore when she approaches. It ​could be that her possessions go “missing” and then turn up elsewhere.  

Assure her that this will continue or escalate if she is not willing to reveal the bullies’ names. This will be difficult. But to do nothing will rob her of her dignity and self-confidence. If she does not listen to you, find someone who she can talk to who has reported a bully’s bad behavior in the past.