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Do parents let their children quit activities that they have started?


My 7-year-old daughter has asked to play organized baseball for two years. I finally signed her up, but think she will not want to continue once practice begins. Do I let her quit, or will this reinforce that it is OK to give up when things get difficult? I don’t want to send this message. But I also want her to try new things, and am afraid that she won’t if I make her stick with an activity once we sign up.



Your position is understandable, but it might be good to have her stay with her team. She will learn valuable lessons being on a team. How you handle her feelings will determine if she is willing to approach​ you in the future about trying new activities. 

Help her see what she is gaining from the experience. If she starts to break down and fuss about playing, remind her that she is part of a team. 

Quitting isn’t good because she agreed to help her team. Teammates help each other learn and be successful. Friendships develop on teams, so focus on that element rather than the sport.