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Eight-Year-Old and iPod Use


My 8-year-old daughter accrued charges of almost $300 while playing a game on her iPod. I didn’t know that she knew how to do this, and I am angry with my own ignorance. But I am also angry with her, and feel I cannot trust her. 


Ipod Use

Granting children access to electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, iPods and iPads can come with risks if your child is not closely monitored. Parents need to set limits on their children’s use of these devices and increase their monitoring. You need to know what application your child is using, why she is using it and for how long. Your child is at risk of not only accruing charges, but of finding inappropriate things and people if her Internet access is not monitored.  

Your anger is understandable, but remember that your daughter is only 8 and doesn’t understand the value of a dollar. Nor has she developed critical thinking skills at this age. Thus, she should not be trusted to use these devices without adult guidance. What is done is done, but you both can learn from this experience and take measures to ensure that it will not happen ​again.