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How Can I Help my Son Stand Up for Himself at School?


My son is 11 years old and is having problems in school. He says all his classmates hate him. He comes home every day complaining that the kids make fun of him and call him names. What can I tell him to comfort ​him?



Thank you for contacting us. We are glad that he opened up to you about what is happening. It is unfortunate that this happens at school which is supposed to be a safe place for kids.

First, talk to your son's teacher. The teacher may be able to offer some sort of advice as to what is going on in the classroom. If he doesn't know anything about it, he will now be aware and watch for the name calling and bullying that’s happening. Understand that it may be hard for him to just let the words he is being called fly by. These words are obviously hurtful and embarrassing. Suggest some responses he can make to these kids when they bully him. Teach him to stand up for himself and feel more in control of the situation. The more he stands up for himself, the more empowered he ​will feel.