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How to Make Chores Fun


What are some age-appropriate chores for a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old?



Chores are a great way to help children learn a variety of skills. Kids can learn and practice skills such as responsibility, following instructions and accepting feedback by regularly completing chores. Chores give children skills that they will use throughout their lives. When assigning chores, make sure you focus on completion rather than substance; it’s more important that your child completes a task than what the specific task is. Also, let children be part of choosing chores by asking them to help you come up with helpful tasks they can complete. 

Sit down together and have a "Family Meeting" to discuss some possible chores for everyone. Make it fun and create a "Job Jar." Have your 6-year-old write his chores on a piece of purple paper and have your 10-year-old write his chores on a green piece of paper. Then put all the chore slips in the Job Jar. Each morning (or night), have your children pull their jobs for the day out of the jar. 

There are probably a million tasks around your house ​that sometimes don’t get done because of your busy schedule! Here are a few ideas for your Job Jar to get you started:  

  1. Wipe off all door knobs in the house. 
  2. Wipe off all baseboards in (list specific room of house).
  3. Vacuum couch. 
  4. Wipe out inside of trash cans.
  5. Collect trash on trash day. 
  6. Make beds.
  7. Sweep porch or garage floor. 
  8. Shake out rugs. 
  9. Empty out one kitchen cupboard and wipe down the inside. 
  10. Go through personal toys and pick out one that isn’t played with much. Give the toy to Goodwill so another child can enjoy it.  

You’re the best judge of what will work in your home. Just remember that your focus should be on teaching your children to follow instructions and complete the chores. Try to be creative and make it fun!