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My son is facing depression and is giving up on school, sports, music, everything.


I think my son needs help. He is giving up on school, on sports, on music. He said his plan was to fail school until he graduates or fails out. His expectations for himself are unhealthy and he is refusing counseling or tutors. He no longer can hear the negative things he says. I am scared for my son. He is sweet and kindhearted but does not see himself how others see him. He does not have any substance abuse concerns. However, he does make me nervous about how sad and depressed he is. Is this a program that could help? I don't know what else to do.​​


Boys Town - Giving up in School

​Thank-you for your email. Parenting teens is a challenge. There are many issues faced by teens that can add to their emotional and social well-being. Teens this age may be facing issues with peers, problems at school, or simply lacking self-confidence. It might help to think about when you noticed the start of the sadness or depression. Has this been going on for a few weeks, months, or longer? If you can identify how this started, it can help with ways to change it. Given what you are describin​​g, getting help with counseling would be a good idea.​