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My Toddler Won’t Eat


I have two 3-year-old boys who won’t eat anything. One is very thin and his stool is pale. I have been told not to force them to eat and that they will eat when they are hungry, but I am ​concerned.



As far as the color of your son's stools and the interpretation of that color, that is a question for your pediatrician. However, we can offer some suggestions about getting your boys to eat food that is nourishing to their bodies.

Offer food frequently ​throughout the day. Try dry cereal in small containers in the morning along with milk or juice in a cup with a lid and straw. Limit the amount of both beverages. Sometimes kids prefer to drink than to eat, and that is not good for them. Breakfast bars can be very nutritious and easy for kids to eat. Small boxes of raisins make nourishing snacks. Cheese sticks are good for kids, easy for them to hold in their hands and a good protein source. Some children even like beef jerky.  Apples cut into small slices or bite-sized pieces are more easily eaten by small children. Offer baby carrots and perhaps a Ranch dip.

Do not allow your boys to exist on snack foods such as cookies and French-fries. Only provide healthy choices.  Then when they do eat, it’ll be something that’s good for them.