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Reinforcing Social Consciousness and Responsibility in Children


My 10-year-old son found $80 in the bushes in a parking lot. Should we have allowed him to keep the total sum? With strong urging, I convinced him to purchase $25 worth of goods for the local food pantry. Should he share some of the money with his sisters? What lessons can be effectively taught to a 10-year-old? How do I best respond to this situation?‚Äč



I admire your desire to raise a socially conscious and responsible child. There are several ways to answer this question. Here is one option: You can encourage your child to divide the sum into three amounts: one for charity, one for savings and one for spending. This division of money provides a valuable lesson in giving to those in need, responsibility and enjoying your luck. 

Another option is to share it with your other children, and then discuss why this is important. You sound like a very conscientious parent who will take advantage of opportunities to help your children grow and learn.