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Son Prefers Online Materials to Textbooks


My son is addicted to online educational sites. He will not touch his textbooks because he says everything is available online. How can I convince him that textbook reading is also important?



This is a timely issue. While you may not be able to convince your son that he should read textbooks, you can be aware of a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. It revealed that the more time children spend in front of a screen, the more unhappy they are.  

You hopefully have rules and guidelines for the amount of electronic use that occurs in your home. Kids who have free reign with electronics typically overuse them and become less social within their families.  

Electronics aside, the fact is that some people like to read books more than others. Some prefer magazines and newspapers and seldom read a book cover to cover. Perhaps your son is one of these people. ‚ÄčLimit his screen time and encourage reading printed materials such as a magazine that pertains to his interests.