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Soothing a crying newborn


I have a baby girl who cries for no apparent reason. Her doctor says she is fine, but I don’t think she is. What should I do?



Parenting babies is challenging because they cannot tell us what is troubling them. Their only means of communicating discomfort is crying. You were correct to take her to the doctor to eliminate a medical cause for her crying. But as you know, sometimes there is no medical source of our crying.  Sometimes we simply feel sad or bad.

Your baby is used to ​being in a comfortable environment in which she was suspended in fluid (your womb). To replicate this cozy environment outside the womb, make certain she is warm or cool enough and that her diaper is clean and dry. 

Perhaps she requires body contact. Some babies need more cuddling than others. You have many options for carrying your daughter close to you. One option is a sling, or a holder that offers her the comfort she needs, yet keeps your hands free. Your movement as you go about your daily tasks simulates the movement she was used to while in your womb.

See if more physical contact with you is at the root of her crying. When you hold her close to you, you will most likely stroke or rub her gently. This is calming and reassuring to your daughter, and will help alleviate her crying. Keep in mind that her bouts of crying are most likely a phase that she will grow out of.