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Learning To Hold Their Tongues

Is your child the first to raise his hand and the last to stop talking? Help him learn to hold his tongue and give others a chance to speak with these tips:

  • Set a timer for one minute. Challenge your child to stay quiet for that amount of time. Show him the reward he’ll earn if he can conquer the challenge.
  • Gradually increase the time and the difficulty by setting the timer at dinnertime or other situations when others are talking and sharing. Offer larger rewards like a special treat or movie night when she lets others talk.
  • Tell your child’s teacher what you’re working on at home so he can inform you of your child’s progress at school.
  • Teach your child to “share” talking time with others just like she does her toys.
  • Work towards the goal of training your child to stop speaking when you hold up a finger and start speaking when you give him permission to do so.