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Tips for Helping Kids Understand the Role of Stay-At-Home Dads and Gender Role Reversal

For a number of years, there has been a trend in our society for more moms to become the breadwinners while dads stay at home to take care of the house and kids. Unfortunately, kids whose dads have taken on this non-traditional role at home often become the victims of bullies who tease them about their home situation. Here are some helpful tips for explaining to your kids why it’s okay for dads to stay at home and contribute to the family in a different way.

  • First, make it clear to your children that there is no rule that says moms should stay at home and take care of the house and kids. Let them know that dads can be just as good at this as moms.
  • Explain that more dads than ever are staying at home, so it’s not that unusual anymore. You can ask your children if they know of anyone else at school whose family is in a similar situation.
  • Explain to your children why their dad has decided to stay at home. Your family’s reasons might be related to finances, the local job situation, health issues or others.
  • If possible, your children’s dad could visit their school and talk to their classes about being a stay-at-home dad. This could be part of a show-and-tell assignment or a bring-your-dad-to-school event. Speak to your children’s teachers about the best way to arrange a visit.
  • Let your children know that if they’re being bullied for any reason, they should tell you immediately. If the bullying happens at school, teach them to seek help from a trusted adult (teacher, school counselor, coach).