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OCD: When Rituals and Routines Get in the Way428984When routines or rituals begin to interfere in the home or school it may be a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder.8/28/2019 3:07:38 PMobsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd/treatments-for-ocd National Institute of Mental Health https// 4218
How do I get my child to get professional help when they are unwilling to go?431504My child needs professional help but is unwilling to go. What can I do?2/17/2021 3:20:05 PMYou can also do an online search for mental health services in your community you feel there are other mental health issues involved, a mental health evaluation would be reasonable 250
Hygiene Help4311472/24/2021 8:31:18 PMIf you have health insurance, see if there are mental health benefits and who is included in the Behavioral Health Q&A Parenting 252
Single Mom with a Mentally Ill Daughter and a Son Who Has Become Dangerous431425I am a single mom with a mentally ill daughter and a son who has such deep-seated anger that he has become dangerous. We have the police at our hom...1/3/2018 6:00:51 PMWe have the police at our home several times a week He has put me in the that he does not also have a mental health diagnosis, you should arrange for a full mental health evaluation 788
ADHD Tips and ADHD Help432611What is ADHD? ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder. It is a medical condition of the brain that makes it difficult for children t...9/25/2017 2:09:37 PMthe child's parents, educators, physician, additional health care providers and the child Contact your child's physician with any questions you have about your child's health 575
Repetitive Hair-pulling432903The expression “I’m so stressed, I could pull out my hair” may be more than just a statement made when feeling overwhelmed. Y Repetitive hairpulling that is difficult to stop is referred to as trichotillomania.4/13/2020 7:14:52 PMRachele Merk, Ph.D., Licensed​​ Psychologist, Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic, Nevada The expression “I'm so stressed, I could pull out my Behavioral Disorders Behavioral Health 394
Building Social Skills in ADHD Son431220 Question: My 10-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6. He is constantly crying and stealing things from school. He does not t...9/15/2017 9:15:22 PMMy 10-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6. He is constantly crying and stealing itself is not a ​specific behavior typically associated with mental health disorders 335
How to Deal with a Defiant 18-Year-Old431126How to Deal with a Defiant 18-Year-Old9/27/2023 4:15:08 PMI have an 18-year-old who is completely defiant are not familiar with; it could be good to share some health and safety concerns with her Behavioral Health Q&A 181
Young Child with ODD Is Becoming More Violent and Dangerous430805Question:I'm concerned with how one of my children has been acting lately. He is 10 and has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (...7/28/2022 6:19:45 PMI'm concerned with how one of my children has been acting lately He is 10 and has been If he is seeing mental health professionals, reach out to them and address the behavior 681
Diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder430846 Question: I was told to contact your organization in hopes of helping 8-year-old my son. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disor...9/15/2017 9:15:25 PMwe have no money — we are losing our house and my health is declining with Crohn’s disease Try contacting the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Alliance for 503