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How can I get my teen to stop hanging out with the wrong crowd and making poor decisions?430919My teen is headed down the wrong path and is disrespectful.8/11/2021 8:26:57 PMHe has no history of being a problem child until this past year when he fell into the wrong crowd Now he is disrespectful and won't listen to basic instructions 338
How to help a son with a careless attitude?430991My teen doesn’t care about anything and isn’t receptive to consequences.8/11/2021 8:27:58 PMI have a 16-year-old son who is in the 11th grade He has had an attitude that he doesn't care, so yesterday I took his PlayStation away When I got home, he said he didn't understand 601
How can I help my teenager who is abusing drugs, stealing, threatening and violent?431452My teen is abusing drugs, stealing, making threats and running away.8/11/2021 8:27:39 PMMy 15-year-old son has rage and anger issues when told “No." Recently, he ran away We found out he has been stealing and doing drugs Two years ago, he was doing great 640
What to do when my child doesn’t get along with her stepdad?431477My child doesn’t get along with or listen to her stepdad. What can I do?2/24/2021 8:28:47 PMMy daughter has some issues that I need help with She has issues with her stepdad She doesn't like listening to him or when he corrects her Her real dad hasn't been very helpful 1429
How can I teach my toddler to stop inappropriate touching?431464My toddler has been engaged in inappropriate touching since stopping using diapers.8/11/2021 8:26:28 PMI am a single father of a 4-year-old girl who stopped using diapers and now uses the bathroom on her own When I go into the bathroom to check on her, I find her inspecting and 330
How can I help my outwardly defiant stepdaughter?430769My stepdaughter is outwardly defiant and lies to adults.8/6/2021 8:33:15 PMMy 6-year-old stepdaughter is outwardly defiant toward me, her mother and her father Her mother and father are divorced and I am her step mother Since she was 4 years old, we have 211
What do I do when my child runs away?430938My child ran away from home for the first time. What do I do?2/24/2021 8:29:03 PMWhat do I do when my child runs away from the house for first time What am I required to do We are glad you are writing in for guidance Because this is the first time your child has 643
How can I help my autistic son with his disruptive behaviors?431010My son is autistic and his disruptive behaviors are causing problems at home and school. What can I do to communicate this to him?2/24/2021 8:28:06 PMHow do I effectively communicate with my autistic son how his disruptive behaviors can cause disturbance in the home and at school When speaking to him, it is always a 153
Help with an Angry Child during the Pandemic4314868/20/2020 3:45:42 PMWe are having some issues with our 11-year-old son He is an emotional child with anxiety and ADHD Lately, with being stuck at home for the past four months due the pandemic, he has 134
How do I get my 14-year-old who has ADD to participate in counseling?431503My 14-year-old son with ADD won’t participate in counseling. What can I do?2/24/2021 8:27:49 PMI need help getting my 9th-grade son to participate in counseling I'm a single mom and for this whole pandemic (plus the previous year), we have had too many power struggles 249