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Cutting and Self Harm: We Can Help432953Our toll-free Boys Town National Hotline, 1-800-448-3000, serves as a crisis helpline for people all over the country. Each year,...4/5/2021 10:17:37 AM2/3 of self-harm contacts are 18 and younger 15 percent of self-harm contacts are between 19 and 23  85 percent of self-harm contacts 993
Self-Harm430133The idea that a child would engage in self-harm is often baffling to parents. Here's information to help you understand and recognize the symptoms.8/25/2018 1:01:24 AMThe idea that a child would engage in self-harm is often baffling to parents but if you don't see what you are looking for, see all our Self-Harm content 670
Understanding Teen Cutting and Self Harm433022​​​​​​​​This information is included in our Guide to Self Harm. Click here to see the rest of the guide. Few images evoke the degree of ...11/22/2017 8:22:51 PMFew images evoke the degree of shock and disgust than those associated with self-harm you think about cutting – one form of self-harm – what likely comes to your mind is an 1468
Why do children and teens want to harm themselves?432622Kids don't typically really want to harm themselves. A kid who winds up being suicidal they usually feel compelled. At that point in time they do w...8/24/2018 11:41:10 PMusually precludes the most serious kinds of self-harm but you can be depressed and not Some of the other forms of self-harm, such as cutting or poking, does not necessarily mean 236
Self-Mutilating 11-Year-Old430794 Question: My 11-year-old daughter started cutting her arms in response to children making fun of her at school. Though she said she would ...11/22/2017 8:22:09 PMMany kids who self harm are more emotionally sensitive than other kids It is not clear why this can help with emotional outbursts, depression, self harm and feeling bad in general 779
How parents can prevent teenage self-harm433051After suffering in silence for decades, the conversation surrounding mental illness has not only taken off, but it has grown louder and more fervent in recent years.8/25/2018 12:44:06 AMKeep them close to ensure their safety and help them resist the urge to self-harm are struggling to fight the urge to self-harm, and parents can help their teens by talking 193
Cutting or Self Harm430562Has your teenager experimented with cutting or self harm? Consider the following: Entreat your child to promise to tell you when he feels lik...9/14/2018 9:00:15 AMHas your teenager experimented with cutting or self harm Entreat your child to promise to tell you when he feels like he wants Back to School Discipline Harmful Behaviors Self Harm 182
What are some other kinds of self harm?431688You have other kinds of self harm. Eating disorders are very difficult to treat. Eating disorders always needs outside professional help. Eating di...6/16/2017 1:02:54 AMYou have other kinds of self harm or vomiting after they do eat which is called bulimia and that's another form of self harm Anorexia Harmful Behaviors Self Harm 123
How Self-Harm Affects an Entire Family431124 Question: How does self-harm affect family members? Answer: When one family member is suffering, the entire family is suffering. ...9/15/2017 9:15:30 PMpeople get angry with people who self-harm because they don't understand why they can't In actuality, a lot of individuals who self-harm are trying to reach out for help 320
Why is it so important to address the issue of self harm?432076Addressing self-harm always necessitates professional help. The number one reason to address it is that even though a child might not want to die, ...6/16/2017 1:02:53 AMto die, they might screw up. They might do it wrong and they might really harm themselves and parents who are working with kids to take all forms of self-harm very seriously 127