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6-Year-Old Reacts Violently to Discipline431110​Question:My 6-year-old granddaughter lives with me. For the past two years, her mother has had visitation rights. My granddaughter has become ...8/25/2018 12:25:25 AMI do not want to hit her about things that make her angry or sad, such as hearing “no” or being put in time-out Then they take a large breath and blow out their candles one by one 597
2-year-old in the No stage is throwing tantrums and acting naughty431628Our 2-year-old son is deep into the “No” stage of being a toddler; every time we tell him to do something, or not do something, he responds by telling us “No.” What can we do?​1/15/2019 4:48:30 PMlike removing him from all activities and having him sit in a two-minute Time-Out or saying "NO, Mommy") and don't give him any attention for the length of the Time-Out 1200
Parent and school staff disagree on mode of discipline430770 Question: My 7-year-old son is beginning to hate school. He is impulsive and as a result, often has to sit apart from his classmates. This...9/15/2017 9:15:35 PMWhile there, he is missing out on classroom fun and educational instruction Second, find out what is occurring at school directly prior to the inappropriate behavior 464
Time-out Guidelines for Parents432829​​​​​​​​What is time-out?Time-out is a way of disciplining your child for misbehavior without raising your hand or your voice. Time-out involves re...8/25/2018 12:57:08 AMWhere should the time-out area be located Do not let your child leave time-out unless he or she is calm; your child must remain seated and be quiet to get out of time-out 1723
How to Make Time-Out Effective432787 ​​​Luis F. Morales Knight, Ph.D. Core concept: Time-out has to ​function as removal of access to the fun things that would normally be a...7/10/2017 12:06:00 PMIf your child won’t stay in time-out, tell him that he will not have access to anything fun or desirable (friends, snacks, screen time, etc.) until he sits in time-out 380
Disciplining Preschoolers430849 Question: I have twin girls and an almost 4-year-old boy. I am having discipline problems that are getting worse. I am getting frustrated ...9/15/2017 9:15:25 PMI have twin girls and an the behavior is stopped, issue an immediate consequence (a time-out, removal of toy, etc Discipline Early Childhood Meltdown Respect Time Out Toddlers 441
Don’t Spank Kids, Teach Them432962Spanking as a form of discipline remains a hot topic of debate, both among parents and in the public forum. 11/22/2017 3:29:32 PMSpanking as a form of discipline remains a hot Every time you see your child make a good decision, point it out and praise them Discipline Early Childhood Meltdown Time Out Toddlers 648
Time Out — Reimers431683Time OutA “time-out” is probably the most often used and maybe the most often misused strategy for managing children’s behaviors. Parents have all ...6/16/2017 1:02:39 AMTime-outs are often misused because time-out is an actually time-out from reinforcement The technical term for time-out is time-out away from reinforcing or fun activities 331
Top 5 Strategies to Teaching your Children to Behave432834​​Children are great learning machines, but they learn more through experience than they do from their parents talking. Below are five strategies f...8/25/2018 12:57:25 AMChildren are great learning machines, but they learn more through experience than they do from their parents talking "Would or could you," is not as Discipline Pat Friman Time Out 1311
Game Over: When Technology Takes Over Quality Time432763A family vacation is right around the corner, and Mom and Dad are excited about what they have planned: staying in a lakeside cabin, fishing...8/25/2018 12:41:47 AMThis information is included in our Guide to Parenting in the Digital Age Click here to see the rest of the guide Digital Family Teens Time Out Tweens Today's Family 785